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About me

I'm a Web Developer

Having grown up with the Web 1.0 I used to work with PHP, SQL and JavaScript in the early days. I joined a small start-up in 2001 which was mainly focused on collecting financial data. I was responsible for visualizing that data in terms of creating self-statement charts, factsheets and simple tools whereby I learned a lot about XSL-FO, SVG and Raphaƫl.

In October 2011 I joined uxebu, a start-up that let me work with cutting edge tools, Web technologies and APIs. I became a JavaScript expert, core contributor of a fantastic graphics library, called BonsaiJS and a Flash whisperer. They support and encourage me attending and speaking at conferences and Podcasts.

In October 2015 I joined Adobe Systems. I contributed Java, Objective-C and JavaScript code to the next major release of Adobe Experience Manager. I helped Adobe to develop AEM Screens, an innovative project which brings interactive and digital content to physical in-store or in-venue screens. I taught teams Test-Driven Development with JavaScript. I passed several internal exams and received certificates in Security, AEM Developer and AEM Architect.

I'm an iOS Developer

In 2008 I decided to go more low-level and started learning C and Obj-C. Together with my wife Valerie Reiss, Founder and Creative Director of MadameLeRenoir, I created 12 iOS Apps. Among other APIs I got familiar with Core Graphics and Core Animation. Since 2014 I rewrote some of our Apps using Swift.

I'm a TDD coach

I had the chance to participate an exclusive 3-day Workshop with J. B. Rainsberger (Thanks @uxebu!) and since then consider untested code as worthless in the long-term. Writing tests makes you sleep better and completely removes those moments of "I'm afraid of touching the code". As a side effect following the rules of TDD will heavily influence the way you code in a good sense. Since 2012 I offer TDD coaching.

I'm a certified ScrumMaster

CSM Certified ScrumMaster, License Number: 000522106, Certification URL: